Fay Henexson(non-registered)
Nice web site! I'm enjoying browsing through the photographs, and the blog. Looks like you've been on some wonderful trips.
Great blog CJ. Really like the work you are showing here.
Pics by CJ
Thanks for looking, Mary! I don't know why I was so drawn to the horses...I'm not a "horse person" just like I'm not a "boat person" but I'm fascinated by both photographically.
I finally got to your new website! Beautiful pictures as expected! So far I have looked at Iceland photos. I especially love the horse photos. Great colors, lighting and framing. I also like the water falls! Will continue to look at more. So enjoyable.
Pics by CJ
Thank you all for taking the time to look at my new website! I do love photography, but it's even more fun when someone else takes the time to look at my images and leave a comment or two. I appreciate you!
I love your new site and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I am so impressed, my friend. Keep up the incredible work. I also LOVE the little blue pots. I'm sure something delicious will fill them!!
Pat Flanigan(non-registered)
Oh, CJ, your new website looks WONDERFUL. I use Zenfolio too, and they added the blog feature just in time before Mobileme evaporated.

I'm going to look at more of your images tomorrow, but already I am so impressed. Looks like you & Rich continue to have a terrific life together.

Hope to see you soon. A little shooting and some lunch, perhaps? Can we get together before Sept. 12? That's when I leave for a month up north. (Betty and I are doing a road trip to Yellowstone.) Then I leave October 20 for a trip to New Zealand and Australia.

Please say hi to Rich for me; I'll check out his site tomorrow. Bye for now, Pat
Love the new site! Glad to see you're back in business! :)
Charlotte Adams(non-registered)
Dear C.J.,
I enjoyed going through your photos. They are very impressive. Thank you for sharing!

Linda Jeffers(non-registered)
Hi CJ, It has been so long since I've seen you and visited your photography. I must say I am very impressed with this very professional group of photos you've taken and how they present on your new site.
I know the photos I see and take are better with each passing year but YOURS are SO good. I am jealous that you have found your own style in what you like to shoot. As someone we know and love says. "Kudos" to you. You and Rich have been busy. Both of you did great jobs providing such wonderful new homes for your photos.
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